Paw Finders does not guarantee that any lost animal will be found. Paw Finders does not employ any service for the purpose of searching for your pet and no employee of the company will take an active role in searching for any pet. Paw Finders will have no responsibility in making arrangements for the return of any lost pet. Paw Finders’ only responsibility is to maintain a website and database of registered pet owner’s contact information. Paw Finders makes no guarantees of the effectiveness of its services and products based on your individual use and bases its marketing claims on the general experiences of its overall user base. Paw Finders is not a guaranteed solution for finding your pet. In addition, we recommend contacting local shelters, passing out flyers to your neighbors, utilizing social media, actively searching for your missing pet, and anything else that may help bring them home.

Paw Finders is currently only available on one style tag at a time, typically the upcoming style of the year as recommended by the NASPHV.