How does it work?

You receive a Paw Finders Tag from your vet when you take your pet in for a rabies vaccine. You register your tag and pay the one time $2.99 fee and enter in your contact information. When your pet is lost and someone finds them, they scan the QR Code to get your contact information and return your pet.

Are there any subscription costs?

There is a one time $2.99 activation fee per tag.

How does pricing work for veterinarians?

Tags are the same cost to you for your first purchase. Additional fees may apply on future orders based on registration performance rate. Here are some materials to help increase your registration rate: Media Kit

Are there any extra fees after a tag has been registered?

No. There is the one time $2.99 fee when you first register a tag and that’s it.

Is my client's information secure?

The contact information, a phone number or a website URL, can be seen by anyone who scans the tag.

How durable are the tags?

The QR code is a multi-layered adhesive, label, and protective coating. We have had them on pets for several years and millions of tags without complaints. Very rarely do we get a request for a replacement tag but that’s usually when the dog physically ate the whole tag. It’s not a LIFETIME tag, but they’ve been out there for 3+ years on over a million pets so we’ve been very pleased with the performance.

I’m using the Vet Portal, but my client doesn’t have an Email Address. What do I do?

If your client doesn’t have an email, you can use their phone number to create a dummy email address by adding “” to their number. Ex:

My City or County gave my clinic our rabies tags to distribute. Can I still sign up for a Vet Portal?

Yes, please email us your address, phone number, email, and account manager name to Once your account is set up, you will receive a login email. We will then contact you for the credit card you would like to keep on file for monthly registration payments.


My dog is lost, and is registered on Paw Finders, what should I do?

Whichever phone number is registered on your dog’s tag, make sure you have that phone on hand so you can answer when someone contacts you. Use friends, neighbors and social media to spread the word. Anyone with a smartphone who finds your pet should scan the QR Code and they will be able to see the contact info you made available.

My dog is lost, and isn't registered on Paw Finders, is it too late to sign up?

No! Sign up right now. But you’ll need the unique number on the back of the tag. Your Vet may or may not have this unique number. Go to and sign up using this unique number.

I found a pet, what do I do?

Scan the Paw Finders Tag on the pet or enter the unique ID on to get the owner’s contact information. If a registration page comes up instead of contact information, then the owner never registered the tag. You can then try calling the veterinarian’s office stamped on the front of the tag.

What should I do with the other tag(s) I already have for my dog?

You should always have your pet wear their current Rabies Vaccination Tag. If you sign up and use the Paw Finders feature you don’t need other ID tags with your contact information on them. You will need to keep license tags on your dog and any other local required tags, such as dog park tags, on their collar.

How do I access and update my contact information?

Email with your Tag #, and what information you need updated.

Do I have to replace my pet’s tag each year?

If you received a 1-year rabies vaccination from your veterinarian, then you will get a new tag the next time you go in for a rabies vaccine. This new tag will need to be registered again.

I lost my tag. How do I get a replacement tag?

You can contact your vet and ask them for a replacement tag. Your new tag will need to be registered again.

My vet didn't register my tag. How do I register it?

Scan the QR code on your tag or go to and enter your unique ID on the back of your tag.

How do I test to make sure my tag works?

After you have registered your tag and entered your contact information, you can scan the tag and the contact information you entered should pop up.

Is my information secure?

The contact information you provide can be seen by anyone who scans the QR Code, so do not put any information you do not want shared.


I am having trouble scanning my tag, what am I doing wrong?

If you have an older smart phone, the camera may not scan the QR Code and you will have download a free QR Scanning app. Try holding your phone about 6 inches above the tag without moving your phone too much.

What is the different between a Paw Finders Tag and a Microchip?

Paw Finders Tags are a great visual backup to Microchips. Microchips have to be scanned with a specific scanner that usually only vets and shelters have. A QR Code can be scanned by anyone with a smartphone. This helps to get lost pets back to their owners faster.

Do I need to install an app?

No! You just use the website

Do you need a smartphone for the tag to work?

No! You can use a computer or tablet to go to and type in the unique number on the website.

What is a QR Code and how do you scan it?

A QR (quick response) Code is a type of barcode that can be scanned using the camera of a smart phone or a QR Scanning app. Just open up your camera or app and hold over the QR Code until you see the lines adjust over the code and open up a link or phone number.

Are Paw Finders GPS trackers?

No. These tags will not show where your dog is when it is scanned.

I'm having trouble loading the page, what am I doing wrong?

Try closing your browser and re-opening. Do not use the Safari browser. Other browsers you could use include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft
Internet Explorer.