Step 1: Register Tag


Vets: Use the Vet Portal to Register Paw Finders rabies tags for your clients. (You can add the $2.99 registration fee to your client’s bill or vaccine price).


Pet Owners: If your vet did not register for you, use your phone to scan the QR code on Fido’s tag. Then choose where you want your tag’s QR code to link. It could be your phone number, your Facebook profile, anything! You’ll pay a one-time fee of $2.99 for your tag registration.

Step 2: Lost Fido?


Vets: If Fido gets lost his tag will have the owner’s contact info. Clients are also more likely to put the rabies tag on their pet’s collar.


Pet Owners: If Fido gets lost, be sure your info is up to date so you can be contacted.

Step 3: Finder Scans


Vets: These tags mean you’ll get less phone calls about lost pets! The tag can be scanned by the finder and the owner can be contacted directly — you don’t have to be involved. Paw Finders also brings your practice into the modern tag era!


Pet Owners: The person that finds Fido can scan the QR code on his tag using their phone. They instantly get your contact info and can reach you.

Step 4: Be Reunited


Vets: Your clients are quickly reunited with their beloved pets!


Pet Owners: Fido is returned safe and sound! Give him a hug, give him a treat, and remind him not to run off without you again!