How To

Please feel free to view our videos or download our How To Guides for further instruction on using your Vet Portal.

If you need further support, please email or call 859-261-2035.

HOW TO: Register A Tag

HOW TO: Quickly Register a New Tag with a Previous Customer

Type in their email address and then hit the magnifying glass icon to the right. It will then auto populate the contact information that is saved in your Vet Portal from a previous tag.

HOW TO: View My Registrations

While in your Vet Portal, in the top blue bar, to the right of the Paw Finders logo, click on the “Registrations” link. From here, you can sort and search through your registered tags.

HOW TO: Edit A Registration

How to Edit an Email Address: From your main registration page, find the tag you want to edit. On the right side click “Action” > “Edit Customer”. In the bottom right hand corner, click on “Change Ownership”. This will clear everything out, including the email address, allowing you to re-do the registration.

Complete Later: If you do not have an Email Address, First & Last Name, and Method of Contact, you can not save the tag in the Vet Portal. Completing a tag later, will not save your information. 

HOW TO: Add A User

Only an Admin User can create more Users. While in your Vet Portal, in the top blue bar, to the left of the Paw Finders logo, click on “Users”. If you don’t see the “Users” link to the far left, then you are not an Admin User. From here, you can see all the Users with access to you company’s Vet Portal. 

On the left hand side, you can Add User. Please note, an email address can only be used once. While adding a User, click on the “Admin” button if you want this User to have Admin level access.

On the right side under “Action”, you can Edit the name and Admin level access, Lock User (makes it so they can’t sign in), or Reset Password. If you need assistance in creating a User, or finding out what email is linked up to your Admin account, please email us at

HOW TO: Change My Password

While in your Vet Portal, in the top blue bar, to the right of the Paw Finders logo, click on the “User” link, and then click on “Edit Password.”

Other Errors

Null Entity Error On Demo Tag: You can’t register your Demo Tag under the same email address that you login with. Try using a different email address. If the problem persists, please contact us.

Incorrect Tag Code was Entered: If you haven’t filled out the registration yet, click on “Cancel”. If you did complete the registration, please email with the incorrect code, and what the correct code should be.